Saturday, October 26, 2013

Current Cravings

It has gotten COLD here! I'm talking snow already, winter hats, coats and gloves cold. All you want to wear every day are think sweaters cold. You would think after living in cold weather almost all of my life, I would be used to it. I'm not. I'm a wuss.

Every year I ask my husband if we can move somewhere warm. I lived in Kansas for nearly 5 years and LOVED it. I would move back in a heartbeat. I tried to convince him being closer to watch KU games would make me a happy wife. And happy wife  = happy life! Every year I hear no. So, I deal. By wearing lots of layers. Which sucks, because I have so many cute clothes! And I hate wearing skirts or cropped pants when it's cold, even though they look so cute!

This year's goal is to work on that. I mean really, my office is warm (most days). It's only a walk from my car, to daycare, back in car, walk into work. My goal this winter is to wear some of my cute dresses, skirts and pants I dread when it's cold.

I really do love fall. I love the layers. I love the coolness of the air (not the coldness, yes I'm a weather snob). I love football and college basketball. I love playing in the snow with my little guy. Here are a few items I'm currently craving for this fall and winter!

Printed sweaters! They are everywhere this fall. Since I don't spend a lot on trendy pieces, I found a few great options at

Colored cords - I can't get enough of the colored pants. Cords are so comfortable, and the color options make them a cute casual option. These from come in long (plus for a tall girl like me!) and many color options.

Booties! Need I say more?



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