Saturday, April 20, 2013

April snow brings??

The month of April in South Dakota can be summed up in one word: COLD!!! We had a terrible ice storm (FEMA is on their way in), the ice was around 3" thick and about 80% of the trees in the area are down. I'm talking old trees, busted in half. Then we got 8" of snow on top of it. It's about 30 degrees colder then normal. So cold is fitting. I digress...

April for me is a great time to wear blazers. I'm finally getting on board with the denim jacket craze, and got my new beauty from J.Crew Factory. I saw it on Kendi and had to have it. Here are a few items I'm currently craving (or may have bought most of them...don't tell my husband).

Hopefully the weather warms up soon and I can get some pictures taken outside!

Camo Jacket, Pink Blazer, Coral Blazer, Yellow Blazer: Gap
Denim Jacket: J Crew Factory
Camo Shorts: Old Navy
Tye Dy Dress, Mint  & Pink Maxi Dress: Red Dress Boutique

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